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Niche magazine interview Win FX on Investment choices during a pandemic

By Niche Magazine

Win FX empowers better investment choices with Bloomberg alternative fintech.

Win FX was founded in 2018 with an industry-beating algorithm that facilitated over $500m in trades within the first six months of its soft launch. We interviewed its CEO, August Pham, on how the pandemic has affected the industry.

NICHE: How has your technology been useful this year?
AUGUST: Since the pandemic, retail investors account for over 20% of the stock-market activity, on average – a 100% increase from 2019! However, a lack of necessary experience, knowledge and resources will invite unwanted risks and traps. Especially during these uncertain times. By leveraging technology, we are able to level the playing field so that
everyone can participate in the financial markets with a fair chance of succeeding. We provide AI-powered automated trading strategies and institutional-level data and analysis that gives investors the tools to make better informed decisions.
N: What changes have you seen during this time?
A: The pandemic has disrupted supply chains and how businesses interact with customers. In a way, it forces businesses to evolve sooner, innovate, and make pivotal technology shifts. Businesses are more customer-centric in this new competitive environment.
N: What advice do you have for businesses in times like these?
A: Jeff Bezos said it best when he described Amazon’s secret sauce as an ‘obsessive compulsive focus on the customer, rather than the competitors’. While our competitors are charging exorbitant fees, we ask ourselves: ‘how can we best serve our customers?’ This way, we end up with the most competitive product and services, and loyal customers.
N:What services does Win FX offer?
Institutional-quality tools in your pocket. We’re levelling the playing field for everyday retail traders and investors with free and affordable tools designed to democratise the investment process. Strategies, education, data and analysis consumed in a modern way. An alternative to sky-high professional fees and $24,000 annually for a Bloomberg Terminal dating back since the 1980s.

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